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The Cracks in the Floor

23 May

This is one of my very first poems. I started writing poetry about a year ago.

The Cracks in the Floor

The human race walks all over me, they don’t think I have feelings

Even though people want to make their life seem picture perfect, I can see their uneasy souls

The thick cloud of pessimistic people suffocate me

Some people talk about me as if I am not right under their feet hearing every last whisper

Luckily there are people in my life to make me shiny and polished again

Many say the hate and ignorance of others will never go away like an immense plot of darkness

As every day goes by it makes that outcome seem more valid

I’m always sitting in one place never moving like a person stuck in the white noise of life, always hearing the same negative things

My life may seem dense but I know there is always something positive to look forward to

I wish my life was a heterogeneous mixture, always made up of different components, but anymore my life is only made of one, sadness

For those of you who favor hate, just know the truth about what you do

I hope you are having a fabulous day and feel free to email me any of your work!