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Book Review: Divergent

23 May

By: Veronica Roth


By: Veronica Roth
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian
5 stars
This book is one of my favorite books to date. It is a constant page turner. Every chapter leaves you longing for more.
The book focuses around a girl name Beatrice. She lives in the Abnegation faction. At the yearly choosing ceremony she is forced to make a decission between choosing a different faction or staying with the one she was born into. This decision will effect her whole life. If she chooses another faction she will be forced to separate completely from her family. She takes a test that tells which faction she is fit for and finds the results to be unsettling.
I would recommend this book to anyone! It has action, suspense, and romance. The books tells the story very vividly and clear. The book is very well written and worded. I was highly impressed with it and it was the authors first book. She has recently released book number two called Insurgent.
A Faction is where people live together who value the same thing.
The Factions~
Abnegation: selfless
Amity: Peace, friendship, and harmony
Candor: honesty
Dauntless: fearless
Erudite: Knowledge
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